An awkward, introverted perfectionist struggles to cope with the hazy disappearance of her rebellious half-sister and her suicidal father.
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Ivy Tower
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A darkly comedic coming-of-age psychological thriller. Bree Brigola, mustache-obsessed, Pastafarian, and fraught with panic attacks, is left empty when her highly neurotic, down-and-out author/professor father commits suicide.

Her impulsive half-sister, Rio, takes this opportunity to run away to find her real mother, while discovering more about her father in this journey through his handwritten archives. Meanwhile, Bree tries to break out of her introverted shell and in return, is haunted by visits from her missing sister.


Mia Fiona Kut's Profile Image

Mia Fiona Kut

Director, Writer
Ever since she played the 'Deranged Man' in her second-grade play in which she also wrote, Mia has been sucked headfirst into the world of film. She is professionally represented in film and television, appearing in many independent films and commercials. With a deep curiosity for human behaviour and psychology, Mia continues to pursue her acting and writing passions.
Sachi Lovatt's Profile Image

Sachi Lovatt

Sachi is a trained actress. She is represented for film & TV and has performed in various plays and independent films. In 2013, in addition to producing Ivy Tower, she will be directing a play in the Vancouver Fringe Festival.
Nestor de la Zerda's Profile Image

Nestor de la Zerda

Producer, Cinematographer
Nestor de la Zerda is a Canadian film maker and actor. As a young actor he worked in television and PSA films. His latest venture is a role in the film The Delicate Art of Puppetry.


Ratings (273)

Average 6.13 / 10
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Reviews (66)

elise's Photo
elise v.
Posted 6 months ago
looks very interesting
Tyler's Photo
Tyler S.
Posted 6 months ago
The shots were way too close for my liking and a post processing stabilizer would have helped a lot.
Natalia's Photo
Natalia N.
Posted 6 months ago
The acting needs some work but I like the story. It seems twisted and something that would leave you thinking.
Brock's Photo
Brock S.
Posted 6 months ago
Neat idea, poorly executed
Thomas's Photo
Thomas R.
Posted 7 months ago
hmm story has potential. It would be interesting to see more..the trailer did seem a bit rough though.
George's Photo
George P.
Posted 7 months ago
seems ok
Genevieve's Photo
Genevieve H.
Posted 7 months ago
Im interested to see more.
Alex's Photo
Alex K.
Posted 7 months ago
Thrilling! Love it!
Justinne's Photo
Justinne R.
Posted 7 months ago
That was intense :O I can't wait to see the rest of it! Good luck guys; hope you win!
Lee's Photo
Lee C.
Posted 7 months ago
Has some potential. Wonder how the script reads? Hmmm...
Tara's Photo
Tara D.
Posted 7 months ago
Interesting storyline, unfortunately the acting let's the concept down.
Iwona's Photo
Iwona b.
Posted 7 months ago
Might be interested.
Alison's Photo
Alison R.
Posted 7 months ago
I'm not sure what this movie is about.
Michelle's Photo
Michelle G.
Posted 7 months ago
poor acting, poor cinematography - way too jumpy.
Donald's Photo
Donald Y.
Posted 7 months ago
I'd like to know more. Perhaps two concepts could lead to confusion of what the main story is. Is it about her sister or her father? And why should we care?
Joslyn's Photo
Joslyn P.
Posted 7 months ago
this was a bit hard to understand. I think it needs more development in the plot and possibly on the acting no offence. It seemed a little forced to me and I was struggling to grasp the main plot of the story while watching the trailer and had to rely on the synopsis to tell me what was going on. Keep working on it...
Joehl's Photo
Joehl C.
Posted 7 months ago
Not sure whats the movie about. Best of luck!
Amanda's Photo
Amanda C.
Posted 7 months ago
I Can tell what the movie is actually about and some of the acting needs improvment. Good luck guys
Serena's Photo
Serena L.
Posted 7 months ago
Whoa. The hypnosis scene at the end totally gripped me.
Vanessa's Photo
Vanessa P.
Posted 7 months ago
Looks interesting
Darlene's Photo
Darlene Z.
Posted 7 months ago
this movie is kinda lame
Nick's Photo
Nick S.
Posted 7 months ago
Best one here
Mike's Photo
Mike w.
Posted 7 months ago
Awesome job!
Hami's Photo
Hami T.
Posted 7 months ago
You better be good. Spent all my voting point on this. XD
Donna's Photo
Donna K.
Posted 7 months ago
Love the title
Jason's Photo
Jason J.
Posted 7 months ago
Good luck guys!
Diane's Photo
Diane N.
Posted 7 months ago
I'm not sure what's going on!
Patrick's Photo
Patrick G.
Posted 7 months ago
sorry, not a fan.
Pedro's Photo
Pedro S.
Posted 7 months ago
Must watch
Katelyn's Photo
Katelyn B.
Posted 7 months ago
I really want to see this movie. I have so many questions and guesses as to what will happen.
Rob's Photo
Rob S.
Posted 7 months ago
I'm looking forward to seeing the completed project.
Richard's Photo
Richard L.
Posted 7 months ago
The suspense is unbearable! I really want to know what happened to that beautiful girl and her charming father. The hypnotism scene was very realistic.
Naia's Photo
Naia H.
Posted 7 months ago
Proud of you guys!
Janai's Photo
Janai R.
Posted 7 months ago
Chelsea 's Photo
Chelsea B.
Posted 7 months ago
Seems like an original story, i want to know more!
Rebecca's Photo
Rebecca G.
Posted 7 months ago
I think this one actually has a lot of heart and thought. Well done.
Michael's Photo
Michael M.
Posted 7 months ago
Treena's Photo
Treena U.
Posted 7 months ago
I'm confused, I didn't really follow. Sorry...
Andrea's Photo
Andrea B.
Posted 7 months ago
Beautiful shots. I like that it's full of mystery.
John's Photo
John K.
Posted 7 months ago
Bit weak. Sorry
Hannah's Photo
Hannah O.
Posted 7 months ago
Dark, mysterious, and a bit creepy. I dig it. I'd want to watch this.
Imthiyaz's Photo
Imthiyaz H.
Posted 7 months ago
Excellent trailer! A great premise and a suspenseful trailer that has me wanting more. Great job guys!
Masako's Photo
Masako L.
Posted 7 months ago
I am looking forwarad to seeing the feature film.
Amy's Photo
Amy Z.
Posted 7 months ago
Looks interesting! Great idea!
Jeff's Photo
Jeff S.
Posted 7 months ago
Not technically strong enough.
Will's Photo
Will B.
Posted 8 months ago
The terrible acting and audio was really distracting...and yet again what is the story? Who are these people?
Taylor's Photo
Taylor B.
Posted 8 months ago
Well put together; great hypnosis scene at the end. I'm intrigued.
Alex's Photo
Alex L.
Posted 8 months ago
Love the ending. I'd want to see this film!!
Katie's Photo
Katie T.
Posted 8 months ago
Started out a bit rocky, some cool shots, ended well, but overall doesn't hang together.
Natasha's Photo
Natasha W.
Posted 8 months ago
great potential
Sophia's Photo
Sophia W.
Posted 8 months ago
Good job, team! See you at the finish line.
Justin's Photo
Justin W.
Posted 8 months ago
wow, i love this one. i hope i can see the whole thing some day.
Ras's Photo
Ras M.
Posted 8 months ago
artsy and risque
Azhar's Photo
Azhar K.
Posted 8 months ago
Very intriguing!
Brenden 's Photo
Brenden M.
Posted 8 months ago
Love the first shot
Derick's Photo
Derick M.
Posted 8 months ago
There might be something in there but its hidden behind some bad acting and editing. There is potential, but it needs a better handler
Bari's Photo
Bari D.
Posted 8 months ago
Love it! Great story - good acting - interested to see more...
travis's Photo
travis b.
Posted 8 months ago
Sounds needs some work, but otherwise cool story, got me hooked. Liked the hypnotizing scene at the end.
Samuel's Photo
Samuel P.
Posted 8 months ago
Alexandra's Photo
Alexandra P.
Posted 8 months ago
Looks good guys!
Jacky's Photo
Jacky C.
Posted 8 months ago
Great job!
Prin's Photo
Prin L.
Posted 8 months ago
Loved it! Can't wait to watch it, looks mysterious! I want to know what's gonna happen!
Chad's Photo
Chad S.
Posted 8 months ago
Intriguing! I can see this as a quirky little thriller
Gloria's Photo
Gloria P.
Posted 8 months ago
Some heartfelt yet dark stuff going on there. Can't wait to see it!
Alex's Photo
Alex H.
Posted 8 months ago
Wicked ending. I want to see it!
Charing's Photo
Charing H.
Posted 8 months ago
I can't wait to watch this!!!

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