They took everything . . . or so they thought.
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Project Sarah
103 Watching 649 Views Average Rating 4.19 (260)



A planet destroyed, a sole young survivor shot out into space in an escape pod. Rescued and brought to an alien planet, she is raised to be a warrior.

Sarah has found peace and harmony. The universe has followed in the same path. But dark powers are on the rise and they will take her at all costs.

When an assassin comes to kill Sarah, she is thrown back into all the pain and bitterness she has harbored all these years. She will put an end to this once and for all.

When the assassin escapes by spacecraft, Sarah tracks it to a nearby star cluster. This puts her on course to battle with a wealthy and influential warlord who has Sarah and her powers in his sights.


Eric Tolen's Profile Image

Eric Tolen

Director, Producer
I have always been a fan of the Hollywood Blockbusters: Terminator, Mission Impossible, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc. I bring that energy to my films.

Producing and directing both fascinate me. Pushing myself to my creative limits is exciting and makes me feel alive.

I want to bring to the big screen, movies that bring people to the edge of their seats.
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Mikhaela Partridge

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Eric Tolen



Ratings (260)

Average 4.19 / 10
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Reviews (65)

Denise's Photo
Denise R.
Posted 6 months ago
too fake.. not natural.
TBiddy's Photo
TBiddy U.
Posted 6 months ago
Not sure what to think
Ros's Photo
Ros G.
Posted 6 months ago
Looks a bit wooden and dated. disappointing
Brock's Photo
Brock S.
Posted 6 months ago
Nice cinematography. Direction and acting could use some real work
Tyler's Photo
Tyler S.
Posted 6 months ago
The dialog made the trailer feel a bit odd.
Helen 's Photo
Helen M.
Posted 6 months ago
Didn't work for me at all, sorry :(
Carol Ann's Photo
Carol Ann T.
Posted 7 months ago
costumes, actors not all very convincing, story line good needs work in these areas.
Tawni's Photo
Tawni B.
Posted 7 months ago
The idea was good, but I felt like the all the pieces didn't fit together. It was supposed to be an alien planet but the locations just looked like typical Vancouver. Maybe going a bit more outside the box or off the grid, something different. The writing wasn't even that bad but the execution, I didn't believe a word.
Triage's Photo
Triage J.
Posted 7 months ago
..Man. This could use a lot of work. The acting's pretty bad, the sound levels aren't great, there are a couple pointless stretches in this trailer alone, which is relatively short, and which doesn't forecast well for a full movie. Found it kind of boring.
Brent's Photo
Brent M.
Posted 7 months ago
This was interesting. Lack of music sure didn't help with the excitement factor; lots of dead space, with shots of people I don't know walking to places I don't know the significance of. Lots of indecipherable jargon, many lines delivered very flatly, not really sure who this person is or why I should care. The assassin was just waiting at the top of the stairs? Not a whole lot of suspense to that. What's this other planet? How are these people different? What's going on? (Is this just Battlestar?) A lot of unanswered questions, and in a mystifying rather than mysterious way.
Alex's Photo
Alex K.
Posted 7 months ago
Awesome! Best of success team!
Lydia's Photo
Lydia M.
Posted 7 months ago
this is just goofy.
Joehl's Photo
Joehl C.
Posted 7 months ago
Not working for me. Best of luck!
Merle's Photo
Merle P.
Posted 7 months ago
love the idea
Matt's Photo
Matt L.
Posted 7 months ago
could have a bit more depth i think.. good luck
Emily's Photo
Emily H.
Posted 7 months ago
sorry a little cheesy and kind of needs work on the acting good effort
Dan's Photo
Dan R.
Posted 7 months ago
just not strong enough at all. good for a student film but I don't think they are ready for a full feature length production.
John's Photo
John F.
Posted 7 months ago
Not a fan, but the sirilian assassin is a cutie
Kari's Photo
Kari W.
Posted 7 months ago
Great start
penny 's Photo
penny T.
Posted 7 months ago
For me, this was very boring, especially the monotone voices. I'm pretty certain I could not last long watching this one. Sorry
Dianna's Photo
Dianna D.
Posted 7 months ago
Very interesting story!
Donal's Photo
Donal O.
Posted 7 months ago
Cool idea.
Artem's Photo
Artem S.
Posted 7 months ago
Needs work but I think potential is there
Shawn's Photo
Shawn A.
Posted 7 months ago
Interesting concept. DoP people?!
George's Photo
George T.
Posted 7 months ago
Seems a bit derivative of Trek. maybe you could do a fan film? Or maybe you have the next twilight here...
Michelle's Photo
Michelle G.
Posted 7 months ago
bad acting, poor combat, weak plot - I will be very surprised to see this group move on.
Brock's Photo
Brock M.
Posted 7 months ago
Has some promise, however I feel the sci-fi vibe was not evident enough
Rolinda's Photo
Rolinda R.
Posted 7 months ago
Could be a good movie but a little slow
Catherine's Photo
Catherine M.
Posted 7 months ago
I like seeing a female lead. Best of luck.
Christa's Photo
Christa R.
Posted 7 months ago
needs more development
Matt's Photo
Matt T.
Posted 7 months ago
Looks fucking incredible.
Michael's Photo
Michael S.
Posted 7 months ago
This seems too ambitious for a low budget trailer.
Dawn's Photo
Dawn F.
Posted 7 months ago
Gave it a far chance, just not for me
Damien's Photo
Damien G.
Posted 7 months ago
I gave a higher rating than I might normally because it is meant to be a pitch for more funding. A teaser. The potential is plain to see. I really feel that the script is possibly too ambitious however. I found the sound very distracting.
Michael's Photo
Michael M.
Posted 7 months ago
???? slow,, questionable acting
Will's Photo
Will B.
Posted 7 months ago
I don't understand anything that is going on here.
John's Photo
John K.
Posted 7 months ago
Jeff's Photo
Jeff S.
Posted 7 months ago
Wanted to like it, but didn't.
Lindsey's Photo
Lindsey G.
Posted 8 months ago
Awesome Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lance's Photo
Lance D.
Posted 8 months ago
The plot looks good as does the trailer ... since the critics need to be critized what they have to say bears very little weight with me. Good job excellent work ... Eric
Katie's Photo
Katie T.
Posted 8 months ago
Just doesn't hold up in terms of acting, editing or continuity. If it's meant to be campy, then it works on some level, but it tips over towards just plain amateur most of the time. Like the girl hero thing though.
Derick's Photo
Derick M.
Posted 8 months ago
You tried..sorta.. Need more practice directing and especially editing. Also should have written the trailer in a way that would work with the skills/sets/costumes you have available. So it didn't look like kids saying "we're in the future i swear!"
guy's Photo
guy s.
Posted 8 months ago
Believe it or not, this is worlds better than his previous work. Give this man an oscar, it's that good!
Travis's Photo
Travis B.
Posted 8 months ago
I'm a sucker for scifi, I felt like there was something there but it really wasn't represented right. Opening fight was total cheese, sound design (or lack of) was pretty bad, and it was more of a short than a trailer. Keep trying guys, I'd like to see where you go.
Brent's Photo
Brent L.
Posted 8 months ago
A little more suspense needed, but i like the storyline.
Arsen's Photo
Arsen O.
Posted 8 months ago
maybe next time.
Deryck's Photo
Deryck D.
Posted 8 months ago
yo this seem like a two min movie this is not a trailer its 2min film cut it in to piece take out the dialogue and cut cut cut
Mike's Photo
Mike L.
Posted 8 months ago
not for me at all
Enigma's Photo
Enigma A.
Posted 8 months ago
Shopworn cliches with nothing to surprise. Everyone is stiff and lifeless. Is that by design and a function of the world they inhabit?
Joel's Photo
Joel R.
Posted 8 months ago
Concept is great for a multi-million dollar production. However for a million dollars I couldn't see this being done well, the scope is way to big to be done on that budget. With a million dollars and not going straight to DVD the scope needs to be cut drastically, what is proposed here even on an ultra low budget would cost millions to do right.
Joslyn's Photo
Joslyn P.
Posted 8 months ago
Good effort
Daniel's Photo
Daniel W.
Posted 8 months ago
With a little tweaking, this could have the potential be the sci-fi version of The Room.
Tyler's Photo
Tyler R.
Posted 8 months ago
Looks like it needs more work..
Casper's Photo
Casper A.
Posted 8 months ago
I like the effort, I gave you a 6 hoping it boosts moral! :)
Doug's Photo
Doug K.
Posted 8 months ago
No, oh very no.
Julia Richard's Photo
Julia Richard M.
Posted 8 months ago
Needs more props
Wes's Photo
Wes M.
Posted 8 months ago
needs some more work
Jordan's Photo
Jordan P.
Posted 8 months ago
Interesting... Looks like you put a lot of effort into it
Daniel's Photo
Daniel H.
Posted 8 months ago
It's really awesome that you all were able to band together to work on a film, but there are some fundamental aspects of your story that need further development. First of all, the concept is weak. A super-soldier being pursued by some third party has been done countless times. In order for this base narrative to work, you need to provide an interesting twist. Secondly, the script could use a few more drafts. Right now it feels very "first draft," which is a good jump off point. But using a first draft to make a trailer is not wise because first drafts often contain too much on-the-nose dialogue. Film audiences are smarter than you think, making them piece elements of the story together from breadcrumbs left in the dialogue is what creates an engaging movie. Spelling everything out for the audience makes them feel like they've been condescended to. With more development work and a number of re-drafts, this could be an interesting project; unfortunately, it looks and feels boring.
Josh's Photo
Josh P.
Posted 8 months ago
a Good effort was put in but I think it needs more developement
Ethan's Photo
Ethan M.
Posted 8 months ago
This is a pitch competition more than video quality, sure I wish the trailer was more elaborate tech-wise, but the story can be developed and engaging. With a bit more polishing this can go far!!
David's Photo
David B.
Posted 8 months ago
Excellent effort - there is a definate lack technically but we should do our best to look past that. I think given the proper guidance it could be a compelling story! Best of luck!
Karen's Photo
Karen M.
Posted 8 months ago
Okay effort
Araxi's Photo
Araxi K.
Posted 8 months ago
Nice effort! I was a bit confused though, maybe some more upbeat music would help that?
Donald's Photo
Donald Y.
Posted 8 months ago
Feels like a student film. Not this time, but there is talent that will show up in future.

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