Explore Missions: Trailer Redux
AutoScript Trailer Redux Cover Image
CineCoup: Trailer Redux Video - AutoScript
Our new trailer expands on the world of AutoScript, giving a bit more insight into character and story. AutoScript is a BIG movie!
CineCoup: Sizzle Reel Video - AutoScript
Since the start, we've had a strong vision for AutoScript. Take a look at this and catch a glimpse of our great characters and quirky world!
Sizzling Away
Sizzling Away
Even before it was a mission, we were creating some sizzle of our own - uniting the Edmonton film community on April 6th!
Boom! (Goes the Transmedia)
Boom! (Goes the Transmedia)
Long before we had AutoScript as a feature, we had Boom! - the first film written by AutoScript. Look for it in this week's video!