The story of a young man, who when presented with the news that his country no longer exists, decides to start his own.
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Causeway, the feature film project. Is the story of a young man who one day is given terrible news, the country he comes from no longer exists, and he must face deportation. Instead of fighting red tape or seeking status as a refugee, our hero comes up with the perfect plan. He decides to start a new country. In his pursuit he engages five different citizens from five different nationalities. who will join him on his road to independence. The film will be accompanied with an online country where anyone can become a citizen.

The film is a call for change in the world, to inspire people to change their perception for the better. What makes a great country?


Mohamed Alborno's Profile Image

Mohamed Alborno

Marketing Strategist, Social Media
An engineer turned to a filmmaker because of one short film: Causeway. I love making movies that inspire people for a better world or act as a voice for the voiceless. Created a couple of shorts one was dedicated to the Egyptian revolution. Tara Reid said about Causeway it's "an amazing idea", Time 100 influential @Ghonim supports the project.
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Kirby Rae

Producer, Actress
Kirby is a multidisciplinary creator in the film world. Though known primarily as an actress she has often spearheaded projects behind the scenes (both in film and theatre) as a producer, director and choreographer. She is "flexible, willing to take risks, and ready for anything thrown at her." - DC Lessoway (Writer/Director).
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Matthew Seagle

I have been passionate about film making since I was young boy. I fell in love with the process as I made dozens of little films at home with friends and family. After moving to Vancouver I was blessed with the honor of making several short films in school and out, and directed/produced a feature film in 2007.


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Lee's Photo
Lee V.
Posted 5 months ago
I was expecting something like The Terminal, but this seems a bit more political.
Karl's Photo
Karl S.
Posted 5 months ago
An estimated 12,000,000 people worldwide are denied citizenship in their country, largely on ethnic grounds. This film could be a tale of defiant resolve and individualism in the face of international neglect or of seizing an opportunity in a lemons to lemonade situation and in either case I'd be happy so long as it spotlights this largely ignored problem.
Bradley's Photo
Bradley T.
Posted 6 months ago
awesome! just not as awesome as some others I've seen.
Paul's Photo
Paul J.
Posted 6 months ago
Tyler's Photo
Tyler S.
Posted 6 months ago
The editing is really odd.
TBiddy's Photo
TBiddy U.
Posted 6 months ago
Keep up the good work!
Chad's Photo
Chad M.
Posted 6 months ago
Helen 's Photo
Helen M.
Posted 6 months ago
Very interesting concept. It's kind of cultish and odd. I did see a documentary not long ago where a man started his own country for real (flag & all) somewhere in a neutral strip of land in north of England or Ireland or some such place. Interesting for sure.
Robert 's Photo
Robert Z.
Posted 6 months ago
They have a websit, so it's legit?
Karyn's Photo
Karyn T.
Posted 6 months ago
This maybe listed as a comedy, but i found it rather thought provoking. Interesting to see what people thought their new country should be like.
Joslyn's Photo
Joslyn P.
Posted 7 months ago
Interesting idea but it seems like it's trying to persuade me to join the new country. I think it was a bit too heavy on the small videos and the actors were a bit forced. Could be good! Good luck!
Cat's Photo
Cat F.
Posted 7 months ago
Love the idea, but can't tell where this film is going from the trailer.
Carol Ann's Photo
Carol Ann T.
Posted 7 months ago
neat concept, actors not convincing, fits well with this multimedia driven society.
Renee's Photo
Renee D.
Posted 7 months ago
Very interesting concept and I'd love to see the film and how it turns out. I like the many media clips and how they reflect our global village currently.
Darien's Photo
Darien C.
Posted 7 months ago
Really interesting call for change. I like that, but would I be really interested in the show? I really don't know.
Romy's Photo
Romy J.
Posted 7 months ago
Not sure how I feel about this concept.
Jennifer's Photo
Jennifer R.
Posted 7 months ago
I am intrigued
Natalie's Photo
Natalie W.
Posted 7 months ago
I love the idea behind your film!
Thomas's Photo
Thomas A.
Posted 7 months ago
Pretty interesting premise here. Interested to see how this develops.
Iwona's Photo
Iwona b.
Posted 7 months ago
Cool idea!
Jon's Photo
Jon K.
Posted 7 months ago
Well done! I'm a big fan of the political theme and the idea is great; if only it were that easy to make your own country. It left me intrigued on 'where, how, when, who'... much success and all the best! Let us know when the country is founded.
Jon, from Team 'Donde Esta Guillermo'
Colin's Photo
Colin T.
Posted 7 months ago
interesting idea
Smon's Photo
Smon A.
Posted 7 months ago
What is it about again?
Donald's Photo
Donald Y.
Posted 7 months ago
This is what this project is all about. Original, a creative idea, something real that deserves to get made. A real project that is like some of the best filmmakers of our time made in their beginnings. I hope these filmmakers do well, regardless of this competition.
Michelle's Photo
Michelle G.
Posted 7 months ago
I just don't see where this trailer is going to take me.
Linda's Photo
Linda M.
Posted 7 months ago
keep it up. Solid Concept!
Samir's Photo
Samir M.
Posted 7 months ago
Tired of corruption in third and first worlds...start your own country!
Brian's Photo
Brian R.
Posted 7 months ago
very interesting indeed
Dan's Photo
Dan R.
Posted 7 months ago
Super cool concept! Could go in many directions. I thought the trailer was missing drama...i felt like i was left hanging. Ok, a new country... but then what?
Andrew's Photo
Andrew S.
Posted 7 months ago
Looks alright. I'll watch it when it comes out.
Patrick's Photo
Patrick C.
Posted 7 months ago
Interesting concept, but is it really trying to be both drama and comedy? Pick one, please.
Jason's Photo
Jason G.
Posted 7 months ago
I understand the passion. Not interested in it from a film perspective.
Debbie's Photo
Debbie P.
Posted 7 months ago
I like the concept; could be both fun and thoughht-provoking.
Troy's Photo
Troy H.
Posted 7 months ago
I would watch, was a little confused if it was a comedy or drama but overall I liked the interviews and the dialogue.
Vik's Photo
Vik M.
Posted 7 months ago
Amy's Photo
Amy Z.
Posted 7 months ago
Fantastic idea, great trailer!!
Shane's Photo
Shane L.
Posted 7 months ago
A great concept, but it looks pretty idealistic - the idea of starting a country within somewhere as stable as Canada doesn't seem all that exciting or necessary...
Michael's Photo
Michael M.
Posted 7 months ago
Wasn't that what the Occupy movement was about? Don't see 2 hours here
Nina's Photo
Nina F.
Posted 7 months ago
I love the idea. Let's see what it will be like.
Mack's Photo
Mack F.
Posted 7 months ago
Great premise.
Simon's Photo
Simon P.
Posted 7 months ago
Original and a great idea.....quite the social commentary and I am sure it will happen very shortly!
Tara's Photo
Tara Z.
Posted 7 months ago
Where to start. First of all, new countries are almost never started peacefully (just ask Israel, the new countries that came from Yugoslavia, Czech Republic/Slovakia). Second, if they are, it's usually on crappy land in the middle of nowhere that nobody wants or cares about. With countries around the world cracking down on tax shelters, you'd probably have difficulty finding a way to fund your country's coffers. And finally, people are stupid - so democracy probably isn't the best idea if you're going to start a country.
Dawn's Photo
Dawn F.
Posted 7 months ago
Thought would be more interesting
Heidi's Photo
Heidi H.
Posted 7 months ago
Really good
Dianne's Photo
Dianne L.
Posted 7 months ago
Interesting concept. Left me wanting to see more.
John's Photo
John K.
Posted 7 months ago
Great idea. Be funny not preachy.
Dianne's Photo
Dianne S.
Posted 7 months ago
Interesting idea. A little short on comedy in the trailer for me.
Tally's Photo
Tally K.
Posted 7 months ago
An interesting idea but the execution doesn't look promising. The actors/"subjects" seemed very flat and the issue seems over simplified.
Lew's Photo
Lew D.
Posted 7 months ago
This is an interesting idea.
Rachel's Photo
Rachel W.
Posted 7 months ago
The overview also had me excited for the project - I'm just not sure the movie itself would deliver.
Jeff's Photo
Jeff S.
Posted 7 months ago
Great concept.
Jim's Photo
Jim M.
Posted 8 months ago
I find it hard to believe people would do what you show them doing. "Sure - I'll leave all my family and property to go to live in BLANK"
Derek's Photo
Derek H.
Posted 8 months ago
Had a documentary feeling. Cool use of the different "media" reporting on the story. Need to know a bit more of the story.
Una's Photo
Una L.
Posted 8 months ago
Great concept, I trust you get the budget so you can do a fab execution... :-)
Trina's Photo
Trina F.
Posted 8 months ago
I've always wanted to start my own country and call it Trinaland.
Katie's Photo
Katie T.
Posted 8 months ago
Odd trailer, part fiction, part documentary, part call to action "commercial" - but interesting concept underlying it. Let's see more.
Carley's Photo
Carley S.
Posted 8 months ago
Good effort. Not sure if I would watch it though.
Arsen's Photo
Arsen O.
Posted 8 months ago
Mohamed Alborno is going to create a new country?
please don't.
Ewa's Photo
Ewa B.
Posted 8 months ago
Interesting idea. Not exactly sure where they would create this new country given there's no real land left. Would be interested in seeing more
Simon's Photo
Simon T.
Posted 8 months ago
Love this concept! I hope it turns out.
anda's Photo
anda r.
Posted 8 months ago
The overview had me all exited... but I found the trailer disappointing: too much of what already exists in our country - multiculturalism, democracy, equal rights, etc.
I had expected something more conceptual which would show how one might actually go about in creating and having the rest of the world recognize this newly created country.... UN acceptance and G7, etc.
I really like the concept, but I found the trailer to be too close to a revolutionary bashing of the status quo and idealistic words.... no new ideas.
Ruxandra's Photo
Ruxandra R.
Posted 8 months ago
Well, you describe Canada... we already exist... you don't have to create us again, thanks.
Bari's Photo
Bari D.
Posted 8 months ago
Mac's Photo
Mac B.
Posted 8 months ago
cool concept
Julie's Photo
Julie P.
Posted 8 months ago
Interesting but not for me
Jade's Photo
Jade t.
Posted 8 months ago
concept is unique, looking forward to seeing how it works
Ahmed's Photo
Ahmed K.
Posted 8 months ago
A very interesting concept; the search for a home, defiance in face of the establishment... If you won't give me a home, I'll make one! Lots of messages here, including one of openness, human rights, respect, and the people governing themselves. Love it!
Julia Richard's Photo
Julia Richard M.
Posted 8 months ago
Like to see more depth
Angela's Photo
Angela L.
Posted 8 months ago
It's definitely an interesting concept, would love to see how it would play out :)
Cooper's Photo
Cooper B.
Posted 8 months ago
Interesting. Curious to see how the actual movie would play out as it felt almost like a documentary.
Mary's Photo
Mary R.
Posted 8 months ago
Interesting concept! A fresh start. I hope to see this film one day.
Chuck's Photo
Chuck F.
Posted 8 months ago
ambitious ! the scope of this story is huge, imagine the novel!
Ally's Photo
Ally C.
Posted 8 months ago
Heather's Photo
Heather C.
Posted 8 months ago
Brendan's Photo
Brendan J.
Posted 8 months ago
Great concept and looking forward to seeing more!
Sara's Photo
Sara B.
Posted 8 months ago
Allan's Photo
Allan W.
Posted 8 months ago
KILLER concept - well done!!
Jeremy's Photo
Jeremy B.
Posted 8 months ago
I guess this idea has potential but why is this categorized as a comedy? Or did I miss the jokes?
Jereme's Photo
Jereme W.
Posted 8 months ago
Tara's Photo
Tara G.
Posted 8 months ago
Great work!
Steve's Photo
Steve O.
Posted 8 months ago
The Trailer was literally a Teaser and did not show the consequences of this action of creating a new Nation, so there was no excitement, and it didn't make me excited about viewing the Film. The Character saying he was going to create a Country sounded tired and not too emotional about such an enormous event.
ed's Photo
ed l.
Posted 8 months ago
interesting a very different idea good
Sean's Photo
Sean B.
Posted 8 months ago
I can't even remember what this was about.
Jolianne's Photo
Jolianne L.
Posted 8 months ago
I love the concept! Original idea, it's quite different from what we are used to see! Best of luck!
Vicki's Photo
Vicki H.
Posted 8 months ago
Very interesting concept...enjoyed!

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