Pay or Play
Weekly Filmmaker Missions
Published to fans on Monday, May 27 @ 9:00PM EST

Bank on the face on the box...


A marketable star can help a film gain early traction and bolster its audience appeal. This week filmmakers identify a character in their story who would be suitable to shoot out in under a week (protagonist, strong secondary, killer cameo). Without naming an actual star, filmmakers "sell" the role that will pique the interest of actors, casting directors and talent managers.

  • Distill the essence of what makes this role attractive
  • Why it is pivotal to the overall success of the project?
  • How does it appeal to your fan base?
  • A short video and PDF one-sheet
  • Up to five images relevant to the Pay or Play mission (optional)
  • Explore the filmmakers’ Pay or Play videos
  • Tag content to your favourites
  • Provide feedback using comments. Be constructive. Duh!
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