Explore Missions: Showcase Showdown
Uprising Showcase Showdown Cover Image
CineCoup: Showcase Showdown Video A - Uprising
A parody for BAD, one of our favourite films. Our goofy antics could not even make their trailer look "bad" because their film is so GOOD.
CineCoup: Showcase Showdown Video B - Uprising
A challenge for Grade Nine. We LOVE their work! But we feel a slight disconnect at recent graduates. We ask them what's more important.
CineCoup: Showcase Showdown Video C - Uprising
A parody/tribute to Alien Abduction and the cool brains behind it. We love AA, we just hope there is enough content for a 90min film!
CineCoup: Showcase Showdown Video D - Uprising
Tribute to Mill and the Mountain! Their project is incredible, we just thought we'd pay homage to all the nice shots of trees!
CineCoup: Showcase Showdown Video E - Uprising
A parody for SCAM, a very intriguing film. We only felt that it seemed a bit far fetched to assume everyone ever is a scam artist!
CineCoup: Showcase Showdown Video F - Uprising
A parody of The Fall, taken quite literally. The content that team has release has all been great, though we feel there isn't enough of it.
CineCoup: Showcase Showdown Video G - Uprising
A tribute to Wolfcop. We love their style and attitude, although we were confused by the genre listings as Horror/Fantasy instead of Comedy.
CineCoup: Showcase Showdown Video H - Uprising
Parody of Red Horizon. The concept is quite intelligent but fairly close to Sunshine (2007), but we still believe this team can surprise us!
CineCoup: Showcase Showdown Video I - Uprising
Tribute to Interstate 90, a simple and artistic homage to their film; a Frenchman drives down the Interstate.
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Weekly Fun Fact!
Weekly Fun Fact!
Fun Fact #9 - Where was the power trio a year ago?
Interview for Uprising on Shaw TV!
Interview for Uprising on Shaw TV!
Dana from Shaw TV interviewed Akash, Tim, and Zach in the same location as many of the wide city shots seen in the trailers and scene.
Akash's Workflow!
Akash's Workflow!
Akash was able to superimpose himself into shots from the BAD trailer, Forrest Gump-style, using a green screen and Adobe After Effects!
We are no strangers to comedy skits
We are no strangers to comedy skits
Many of the skits above are in the same spirit as the skits made under our comedy troupe "The Mark Brothers" which is on hold for Uprising.