Who Killed Ashton Parker?
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Ashton Parker is Dead
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Based on the real events of a fictional story.

Ashton Parker is a beloved and influential film director, with the industry in the palm of his hands. While on the set of his upcoming masterpiece thriller, Director Parker invites the cast on location, to an old mansion where they are planning to shoot. Little does Parker know that this meeting will be his last and his 5 cast members show up to the crumbling and eerie mansion only to find their director and lover, dead. The police send their “best man” to investigate the crime scene. With all the actors/lovers now suspects in the directors death, it is up to the inspector to figure out which actor is giving the performance of their life!


Dinesh Sachdev's Profile Image

Dinesh Sachdev

Producer, Marketing Strategist
Mr. Sachdev currently serves as the Producer for Rogers South Asian Focus TV since 2012.
Dinesh is also the Executive Director and the founder of Filmi Toronto's South Asian Film Festival and will be celebrating 14th year. Filmi is the first South Asian Film festival of its kind in North America.
Dinesh has been a part of 9 films in all capacities of filmmaking.
Ashish Varma's Profile Image

Ashish Varma

Director, Writer
Ashish is a self taught filmmaker with no formal training. He has been making short films for 4 years and has aspirations of making his first feature film in the near future.
Mickey Dutta's Profile Image

Mickey Dutta

I have been a freelance filmmaker for 8 years. I've worked as a DoP in every genre, from feature film, music video, short film to documentary, to corporate. The best part of my job is that it never stays the same. I love it.


Ratings (456)

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Reviews (116)

Sean's Photo
Sean R.
Posted 6 months ago
wicked, keep up the good work
Jason's Photo
Jason M.
Posted 6 months ago
Love a good mystery, good luck!
Jean Marc's Photo
Jean Marc S.
Posted 6 months ago
Good Luck!
Doug's Photo
Doug M.
Posted 6 months ago
The flashes of Inspector Clouseau are cute, if not convincing. Could be basis of a good farce.
John's Photo
John W.
Posted 6 months ago
Inspector Clouseau?
Kenneth's Photo
Kenneth M.
Posted 6 months ago
Looks Hilarious.
Joslyn's Photo
Joslyn P.
Posted 7 months ago
a bit too cheesy me but good luck!
Carol Ann's Photo
Carol Ann T.
Posted 7 months ago
not convincing, not funny think the detect should maybe try a different ascent,
Diane's Photo
Diane N.
Posted 7 months ago
crime, suspense, and comedy. good job.
Chavi's Photo
Chavi A.
Posted 7 months ago
Looks like a great movie...would love to see it! Love the music.
Kathy's Photo
Kathy S.
Posted 7 months ago
bad acting, bad accents, maybe the story can save it.
Michelle's Photo
Michelle G.
Posted 7 months ago
I like the soundtrack, but that's about it. Found the accents not believable (sorry if that's really how you talk in real life), the acting quite poor, and the shots quite amateur.
Ss's Photo
Ss M.
Posted 7 months ago
Amazing, I'm already hooked to find out.
Donald's Photo
Donald Y.
Posted 7 months ago
This is an amateur production - it is not focused and tells conflicting stories of what it is really about. Is the script not even written yet? All this production needs is a producer, writer, director and some real actors. And a story that matters or at least entertains. I feel the group has already exceeded their competence. I shouldn't be critical, as maybe they will come up with something good in the future.
Firdaus's Photo
Firdaus B.
Posted 7 months ago
Awesome! cant wait to see it on the big screen!!!
Matt's Photo
Matt L.
Posted 7 months ago
looking forward to finding out who
Teresa's Photo
Teresa S.
Posted 7 months ago
Amateur filming, terrible acting, fake accents and a poor replica of Columbo.
John's Photo
John K.
Posted 7 months ago
A fairly disjointed mish-mash of themes, incoherent dialogue, and mainly very little cinematic appeal.
Amy's Photo
Amy Z.
Posted 7 months ago
The dialogue is well writer. Great jokes!
June's Photo
June J.
Posted 7 months ago
Who will this appeal to though?
Lena's Photo
Lena D.
Posted 7 months ago
It wasn't my thing.
Matt's Photo
Matt S.
Posted 7 months ago
"That's what SHE said."
Doug's Photo
Doug B.
Posted 7 months ago
This just didn't do it for me. Too serious to be a comedy and too funny to be a drama. It doesn't feel like it knows where it's going.
Rex's Photo
Rex C.
Posted 7 months ago
Poor acting, I can dig the idea, but think the movie would do better with better promotional poster, and acting.
Chuck's Photo
Chuck E.
Posted 7 months ago
Looks like dinner theatre.
Mitch's Photo
Mitch G.
Posted 7 months ago
mmm not sure the inspector is doing it for me, otherwise seems good.
Peter's Photo
Peter D.
Posted 7 months ago
This is just plain awful.
Kelly's Photo
Kelly G.
Posted 7 months ago
I liked the Clue vibe but this needs a new lead actor. Also, the camera work wasn't very dynamic. The opening shots had my interest but the rest are just static shots, even when there's action taking place in the frame. It really kills any momentum/excitement intended. Good concept, but the delivery needs polish.
Lisa's Photo
Lisa M.
Posted 7 months ago
Ashton Parker isn't dead, this project is.
Chantal's Photo
Chantal L.
Posted 7 months ago
Stephanie's Photo
Stephanie K.
Posted 7 months ago
Sorry guys, I'd be a lot more open to this if your detective wasn't trying so hard to be Inspector Clouseau.
Jolene's Photo
Jolene K.
Posted 7 months ago
I love the picture of the run down house but!!!!can you really go in it
Jordan's Photo
Jordan H.
Posted 7 months ago
The acting look really good. Kodos to your cast director.
June's Photo
June B.
Posted 7 months ago
Not really my genre. A lot of flat lighting. Acting is so-so. Potential for some good humour.
Björn's Photo
Björn H.
Posted 7 months ago
All forms of film making are poorly done. Incoherent and therefore boring. Guessing it's supposed to be a comedy with a 'who's done it' mystery plot?
This is a nope.

Also I there WORST German accent I have heard...ever...was fuer ein Steuck Scheisse!
Amy's Photo
Amy K.
Posted 7 months ago
Cute and I love a murder but somehow the transition between scenes was too noticeable.
Gavin's Photo
Gavin M.
Posted 7 months ago
It looks like it could be funny, and some of the performers are entertaining, but the inspector's intentionally bad fake accent is actually too bad to be funny. Interested, but it would need a lot of work.
Kaitlyn's Photo
Kaitlyn M.
Posted 7 months ago
Fun concept! It feels a bit like you're caught between two different genres though. There were elements of comedy and elements of suspense, but they didn't quite sit right together with me.
Emma's Photo
Emma S.
Posted 7 months ago
Looks like it could be really fun! Maybe think about hamming it up a couple more levels and doing a kids film.
Chris's Photo
Chris F.
Posted 7 months ago
Mixed on this one. The detective sounds like Edna Mode from the Incredibles.
Rob's Photo
Rob S.
Posted 7 months ago
Hasn't this been beaten to death yet?
Cinnamon's Photo
Cinnamon C.
Posted 7 months ago
My kids laughed! they thought it was hilarious(11-13 yrs) great comedic timing.
Sue's Photo
Sue T.
Posted 7 months ago
Looks like a remake of a Pink Panther film, more comedy than suspense.
Jonathan's Photo
Jonathan R.
Posted 7 months ago
questionable casting and rough graphics
Jeff's Photo
Jeff R.
Posted 7 months ago
This trailer is well made, but the "that's what she said" joke derailed the whole thing for me. I never want to hear that joke again.
Tara's Photo
Tara Z.
Posted 7 months ago
That guy needs to work on his accent. Weak.
Jim's Photo
Jim M.
Posted 7 months ago
The inspector (Clouseau was it?) is not charming. None of the other characters did anything very interesting. The concept is fine, but this film would have to be carried by really great jokes and superb acting.
Daylen's Photo
Daylen M.
Posted 7 months ago
Had some funny elements and scenes, but I feel like the shots didn't really flow together. Not really sure if you'd be able to pull this off.
Katie's Photo
Katie T.
Posted 7 months ago
Funny stuff. Didn't buy the accent though. Feels like it could be a quirky and unique film with a little spit and polish. Good luck
Matty's Photo
Matty G.
Posted 7 months ago
Ok - I love that cop! HA! Pretty funny guys!

Matty - Alien Abduction
Ted's Photo
Ted S.
Posted 7 months ago
Some great elements. Some bad ones. Unfortunately I think the bad outweighs the good.
- The story: quirky and fun.
- The cast: good looking and culturally diverse
- Camera work/technique: love the dolly shots and color temperatures
- I'm a huge Misfits fan: soundtrack won me over. (until it turned into porn music)

- The acting: culturally diverse group but maybe assembled solely for that reason.
- The after effects templates @ 0:30, 0:46, 0:56: these are beyond cheesy guys, even Chester the cheetos representative would be like "Dude. There's too much cheddar on this bun." Shoulda tweaked it a bit.
- The after effects template that states that this is "One of the best Who Dunnit films of this decade": Ok. You do realize that it's 2013 so saying something is the best of this decade really only means in the last three years. Also who is this according to? Making a statement like this kinda rubs me the wrong way... The trailer should speak for itself. By shoving something like, "One of the best whodunit films" at the end, it's like saying, "despite what you saw... we promise this is actually good".
- The title: Why is this film called "Ashton Parker is dead"? I never once heard the name Ashton Parker mentioned in the trailer. In the end credits you have a Dinesh Sachdev listed as "The dead director". The trailer makes this dead director out to be "Ashton Parker" so why wouldn't you just list him as "Ashton Parker" in the credits? Is it because "Ashton Parker" is not actually the dead director and that's the twist?? if so.... bah....

Overall, I would say that this looks like a film I would definitely watch from start to end, however not in it's current form. You guys have lots of talent and I'm sure it will take you places. Best of luck!
Gloria's Photo
Gloria P.
Posted 7 months ago
Acting was flat and very unoriginal
scott's Photo
scott w.
Posted 7 months ago
i could not get into the trailer at all
Jennifer's Photo
Jennifer E.
Posted 7 months ago
Like the Pink Panther but NOT funny. Acting was horrible too.
Nicole's Photo
Nicole H.
Posted 7 months ago
Honestly what were they thinking the acting is fake, And me or my bf couldn't bare to watch the trailer again. Def would not want to go see this movie.
Michael's Photo
Michael M.
Posted 7 months ago
has potential tighten it up
Zaul's Photo
Zaul M.
Posted 7 months ago
I'm sorry. Just no.
Manu's Photo
Manu S.
Posted 7 months ago
Looks hilarious! I want more like this!
Rob's Photo
Rob B.
Posted 7 months ago
Started out OK and I was expecting more, but got pretty random towards the end. Audio had a roomy amateur feel to it. What is with the accent?
BrknDishes's Photo
BrknDishes B.
Posted 7 months ago
How does this have such high ratings?! None of the characters demonstrate any depth, the jokes are tired, and the plot is flat. The trailer produced more eye rolling than laughs.
Monty's Photo
Monty J.
Posted 7 months ago
Go Toronto all the way!
lauryn's Photo
lauryn h.
Posted 7 months ago
this could be so much funnier ! ahhhhhhhhhhh
Rosanne's Photo
Rosanne C.
Posted 7 months ago
Awesome funny John Cianciolo! Love the silly 'bad' German accent! Pink Panther step aside!
Ranjeet's Photo
Ranjeet S.
Posted 7 months ago
Pushpinder's Photo
Pushpinder S.
Posted 7 months ago
seem's to be gud...........really excited to watch this movie.
Guri's Photo
Guri S.
Posted 7 months ago
Good Job!!!
Patty's Photo
Patty T.
Posted 7 months ago
Michelle's Photo
Michelle S.
Posted 7 months ago
Who dunnit with a sense of humour, luvin it!
Gordon's Photo
Gordon G.
Posted 7 months ago
Don't be no cloud on a sunny day. Hot chicks! ya I'm in!
Hussein's Photo
Hussein A.
Posted 7 months ago
excited to see!
Dali's Photo
Dali V.
Posted 7 months ago
Nice work Dada.
Richard's Photo
Richard D.
Posted 7 months ago
I look like very good movie. I am looking forward to watch it
Rian's Photo
Rian M.
Posted 7 months ago
Comedy wrapped up in a suspense thriller, has some great one liners..
Andre's Photo
Andre A.
Posted 7 months ago
Mmmm who that kungfu chick with the bandanna 10
Josh's Photo
Josh T.
Posted 7 months ago
seems boring. not much of a story-line. No intrigue.
Rob's Photo
Rob D.
Posted 7 months ago
hot chix :)
Derek's Photo
Derek H.
Posted 8 months ago
Premise is interesting. I was thrown off by the accent. Not sure if it is suspense or comedy. I didn't find the trailer very suspenseful. More silly.
piyush's Photo
piyush k.
Posted 8 months ago
wish to see the whole movie..
Tyler's Photo
Tyler S.
Posted 8 months ago
What is this film trying to be? Suspense or Comedy. It looks like a nock off of the pink panther
Dammie's Photo
Dammie B.
Posted 8 months ago
Great Trailer, A must see
Syma's Photo
Syma S.
Posted 8 months ago
pardeep 's Photo
pardeep f.
Posted 8 months ago
loved the trailer... looking forward to the movie!
Angelo's Photo
Angelo C.
Posted 8 months ago
Can"t wait to see the full feature. Great trailer. Mix of suspense and comedy works well. Greta work!!!!
Deryck's Photo
Deryck D.
Posted 8 months ago
cool project
Doug's Photo
Doug K.
Posted 8 months ago
Comedy is good. Need to crank it up a notch.
Mike's Photo
Mike L.
Posted 8 months ago
should be a comedy crime story not a suspense
Jeremy's Photo
Jeremy B.
Posted 8 months ago
I feel like this hasn't touched on one of the most important elements of a whodunnit - why can't these people just leave? There should be a reason why they are trapped there. But I wasn't a fan of the actors and the accents were over the top.
Reach's Photo
Reach P.
Posted 8 months ago
John Cianciolo IS a star!
Agnes's Photo
Agnes Z.
Posted 8 months ago
Thank you everyone for the support!
Jeffrey's Photo
Jeffrey M.
Posted 8 months ago
I was pretty surprised by the strength of the woman with the bandana as she shoved the guy against the wall. That surprised me. Go Shay!
Daniel's Photo
Daniel W.
Posted 8 months ago
Oh, I didn't think I was going to like this one but I do. I think I already know whodunnit though. I'm pretty awesome at solving mysteries.
Pav's Photo
Pav L.
Posted 8 months ago
A great spin on the classic WhoDunnit! I suspect Colonel Mustard with the wrench in the ballroom? Bring on the comedic suspense!!
Lesley's Photo
Lesley R.
Posted 8 months ago
Looks like fun
sangeeta's Photo
sangeeta s.
Posted 8 months ago
Excellent job. It does excite to see the full movie. Sangeeta
Duncan's Photo
Duncan M.
Posted 8 months ago
Okay, but I don't think it has legs.
Tanya's Photo
Tanya L.
Posted 8 months ago
Shivam's Photo
Shivam S.
Posted 8 months ago
Great and professional Work!
Alicia's Photo
Alicia N.
Posted 8 months ago
Awesomely hilarious!!
Arron's Photo
Arron K.
Posted 8 months ago
William's Photo
William P.
Posted 8 months ago
Love a whodunnit, even a goofy one. Acting was a bit stilted, could be smoother.
Shivangi's Photo
Shivangi B.
Posted 8 months ago
The trailer already looks very promising! Cheers :)
Vishwas's Photo
Vishwas T.
Posted 8 months ago
Promises to be an interesting movie.
roy's Photo
roy p.
Posted 8 months ago
looks like a very promising film..and the cast looks to be very dynamic..which should lead to a productive output in this film..you have my vote, best of luck to the director and the cast..hope this is a winner..looking forward to the final output in theatres soon.

R Persaud
kiran's Photo
kiran s.
Posted 8 months ago
Berry good!!!
Jasmine's Photo
Jasmine I.
Posted 8 months ago
looks like a lot of work went into this. I hope to see it.
Trish's Photo
Trish I.
Posted 8 months ago
Looks good love the suspense movies!
maleek's Photo
maleek m.
Posted 8 months ago
Maleek was here... lol
Blade's Photo
Blade A.
Posted 8 months ago
To Dance's Photo
To Dance S.
Posted 8 months ago
mikael's Photo
mikael g.
Posted 8 months ago
It is optional!
Jereme's Photo
Jereme W.
Posted 8 months ago
Everyone loves a good murder mystery!
Shay's Photo
Shay G.
Posted 8 months ago
Steve's Photo
Steve K.
Posted 8 months ago
Love these types of who-dunnits! Reminds me of A Shot in the Dark!
Vik's Photo
Vik M.
Posted 8 months ago
Looks fantastic. Very nice shot selection..
I love the soundtrack...
Anjuli's Photo
Anjuli V.
Posted 8 months ago
Paul's Photo
Paul B.
Posted 8 months ago
a Canadian Pink Panther...love it!

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