After a 3 year stint in the Pen, Charlie just wants a normal life. His only way out is to go back to where it all began. Hastings Street.
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Hastings Street
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Charlie has just gotten out of jail. The only thing he knows for sure? He ain't going back. The only place he knows? Hastings Street. As he tries to stay on the straight and narrow, he falls for Melody, a beautiful and troubled woman. He's gotta get out and he's gotta take Melody with him. As the odds begin to stack up, Charlie is forced to make his own way. All or nothing. Live or die.


Jeevin Johal's Profile Image

Jeevin Johal

Jeevin Johal is a Vancouver filmmaker who has Produced and Directed music videos and short films as a partner in local production company Kymæra Films. More recently, he has teamed up with members of Victory Square Cinema and White Buffalo Films on a feature film adaptation of Larry Kent's 1962 film, "Hastings Street."
Andrew Moxham's Profile Image

Andrew Moxham

Director, Writer
Andrew Moxham is a director, editor, DOP
and actor who has been working in the Canadian film industry for 15 years.
Working with talents such as Bradley Cooper and Andy Samberg to Roland Emmerich and J.J. Abrams. Andrew’s work has been recognized at international film festivals
such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and more.
Shane Twerdun's Profile Image

Shane Twerdun

Writer, Actor
Shane Twerdun has lived in Vancouver for the last ten years where he has worked as an actor and writer. Recent credits include starring in Larry Kent's "Exley," and Jim Bates' "Two Married People." He is a founding member of White Buffalo Films.


Ratings (569)

Average 6.76 / 10
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Reviews (155)

Michael's Photo
Michael G.
Posted 5 months ago
I dare these guys to walk down Hastings actually filming the neighborhood they are exploiting,
Alex's Photo
Alex C.
Posted 6 months ago
Looks pretty neat.
Samson's Photo
Samson W.
Posted 6 months ago
Best trailor!
Cathy's Photo
Cathy R.
Posted 6 months ago
Over the top, not in a good way. Sorry, just badness.
David's Photo
David K.
Posted 6 months ago
definitely wanna see this!
Paul's Photo
Paul J.
Posted 6 months ago
Love it!
Yanni's Photo
Yanni M.
Posted 6 months ago
Great acting!
Cat's Photo
Cat R.
Posted 6 months ago
Bad ass music, bad ass story. Definitely not a chick flick.
Kreme's Photo
Kreme T.
Posted 6 months ago
Love these guys and their work!
Timothy's Photo
Timothy W.
Posted 6 months ago
It looks like the execution was done well, but I'm not seeing anything particularly 'new' here to make me fall in love with it.
TBiddy's Photo
TBiddy U.
Posted 6 months ago
Great work!!
Cassandra's Photo
Cassandra K.
Posted 6 months ago
I really like this trailer. I think it is well edited with a reasonable production value. Nothing looks overly cheap of faked even though it was probably done on a low budget. The shots of the Hastings Race track are awesome. (I really liked the one through the chain link fence) I like that the trailer included the actors names and other information. It gives it an air of Professionalism that is lacking from several of the other trailers. I would definitely watch this film in it's full length.
Geoff's Photo
Geoff W.
Posted 6 months ago
Fantastic work; stoked to see it!
Natalia's Photo
Natalia N.
Posted 6 months ago
Great soundtrack choice. Matches the trailer perfectly
Louise's Photo
Louise R.
Posted 6 months ago
from the trailer, i like the look of this film... seems edgy and fast paced but with a good solid storyline, loved the music too
Ryan's Photo
Ryan G.
Posted 6 months ago
I think the trailer has everything youd want, action, sexyness, and... Maybe Horse racing is involved? I wish i knew where it was going.
Semantha's Photo
Semantha M.
Posted 6 months ago
looks really awesome!
David's Photo
David L.
Posted 6 months ago
I wished there was a narrative to help cut the story together.
Mac's Photo
Mac L.
Posted 6 months ago
Really interesting stuff! Definitely one of the most deserving projects! Wish you all the best of luck.
James's Photo
James P.
Posted 6 months ago
Its A Good Piece
Joe's Photo
Joe M.
Posted 6 months ago
Well shot trailer of what looks like a standard crime flick. I like crime flicks.
Michelle's Photo
Michelle E.
Posted 6 months ago
Kind of wish there was some dialogue - felt like I couldn't get to know the characters. But it had a lot of energy and felt a bit like a slice of life type of movie.
Chad's Photo
Chad M.
Posted 6 months ago
Want to know more about it
Bella's Photo
Bella K.
Posted 6 months ago
it was okay
Jimsies's Photo
Jimsies C.
Posted 6 months ago
Looks super good! Can't wait to see on the silver screen! I hope it has a mersaydee benz!
Kelly's Photo
Kelly B.
Posted 7 months ago
Cool music, lots of action,casting looks good. Confused a bit on the plot though. Would have liked some direction with a bit of a voiceover.
Alexandra's Photo
Alexandra S.
Posted 7 months ago
Love the concept – a real attention to details. Good luck!
Trish's Photo
Trish M.
Posted 7 months ago
nicely done but not carzy about the concept
Kristie's Photo
Kristie P.
Posted 7 months ago
the fighting looked great, and I loved the colours used! It was hard to completely tell how the acting was, but overall it looks promising!
Thomas's Photo
Thomas R.
Posted 7 months ago
looks like it could be a good movie. wasn't my favorite trailer, but it was good!
Nicole's Photo
Nicole T.
Posted 7 months ago
Looking forward to seeing more
Pat's Photo
Pat M.
Posted 7 months ago
Very professional looking and attention catching
Parminder's Photo
Parminder P.
Posted 7 months ago
This is an amazing idea!
Kathy's Photo
Kathy M.
Posted 7 months ago
I think as a Vancouverite already, it's hard to associate the racetrack with the DTES since there's so much geography inbetween, but makes me want to see more if I ignore that part
Terri's Photo
Terri T.
Posted 7 months ago
Leaves me wanting more
Dalia's Photo
Dalia U.
Posted 7 months ago
Great set up! Theme is great! Really exciting to watch
Bobby's Photo
Bobby O.
Posted 7 months ago
Great Crew, Great Creative team behind and in front and behind the camera. Good luck guys!
cenzi 's Photo
cenzi b.
Posted 7 months ago
looks like it might be a good hbo movie.
Aiden's Photo
Aiden C.
Posted 7 months ago
Music was great. Nice selection of shots but to long for a montage of fast shots.
Joslyn's Photo
Joslyn P.
Posted 7 months ago
What most impressed me was that first punch. thought it was very realistic. I think you should have included some other sounds besides the chosen music, dialogue etc..... interesting concept but it's okay
Bob's Photo
Bob C.
Posted 7 months ago
These are the most beautiful people I've ever seen south of Gastown.
Rocky's Photo
Rocky E.
Posted 7 months ago
well shot, but gives off a vibe of some style over no substance
Wesley's Photo
Wesley S.
Posted 7 months ago
Intriguing... Good luck with the project
Nadine's Photo
Nadine W.
Posted 7 months ago
I did not feel the trailer made it clear what the movie was about, it was confusing and needed clips of dialogue to help illicit interest.
Nina's Photo
Nina F.
Posted 7 months ago
I like all the shots of Vancouver. Don't know what the film is about except violence and drugs.
Michael's Photo
Michael L.
Posted 7 months ago
Some scenes with good lighting.
Michelle's Photo
Michelle G.
Posted 7 months ago
love the music, love the cut scenes together, I just don't know that I love the story you're trying to sell. Definitely a lot of talent here.
Donald's Photo
Donald Y.
Posted 7 months ago
As a B.C. boy, I like a concept that shows the harsh side of life in Lotusland. I like the actors who seem real, the locations that are real, and a project that looks real. But will someone from "The Rock" be interested? They might prefer to see something of the seedy underside of Victoria, B.C. Halifax people may be more interested. But what will capture the interest of people all over North America or even the world?

Björn's Photo
Björn H.
Posted 7 months ago
Didn't tell me anything so I don't know if I should like or dislike it.Good cine, lots of action, guess they forgot sound but so much fighting and gun play. Makes me think there is no story and it was substituted with what people have seen in crime films. Hope that is not the case
Ryan's Photo
Ryan S.
Posted 7 months ago
I appreciate your attempt at making a film dealing with the DTES, but everything in this trailer is too clean and polished, and it lacks all of the characteristics that make the neighborhood what it is. Many of the characters look as though they have just stumbled out of Yaletown without taking a shower, and there is a whole lot of cliche where there doesn't have to be. The neighborhood is unique, and if you want to portray it in a way that is recognizable to Vancouverites and also truthful to non-residents, you must be willing to get dirty.
Alejandro's Photo
Alejandro P.
Posted 7 months ago
A trailer should tell me about the movie, what is going to be about not just a bunch of scenes together :S
Astrid's Photo
Astrid T.
Posted 7 months ago
Pretty good trailer, looks interesting, would probably watch the movie, good job
payola's Photo
payola m.
Posted 7 months ago
Luv that Poster !
Donal's Photo
Donal O.
Posted 7 months ago
Janine's Photo
Janine F.
Posted 7 months ago
Phenomenal trailer production! Wish there'd been some dialog though, or some indication of the actual plot - you wouldn't have a clue w/o reading the description - but I'm still interested.
Andrew's Photo
Andrew H.
Posted 7 months ago
The trailer tells me almost nothing about the film, and yet I want to watch it. It looks like a gritty republic of doyle Vancouver style. The cinematography looks great and although the trailer has no dialogue the acting looks like it could be good as well!
aaron's Photo
aaron b.
Posted 7 months ago
trailer lacks information about the plot of the movie. I think I'll pass on this one
Emersen's Photo
Emersen Z.
Posted 7 months ago
Mike's Photo
Mike K.
Posted 7 months ago
Andrew's Photo
Andrew S.
Posted 7 months ago
Looks kind of cliche, but it still looks promising.
Nikki's Photo
Nikki B.
Posted 7 months ago
The trailer is very well done, but it doesn't make sense. It doesn't tell you anything about the plot really, and it does not make me want to watch it.
Judy's Photo
Judy Z.
Posted 7 months ago
Peeks my interest but a lot of violence.
Helen 's Photo
Helen M.
Posted 7 months ago
Nice trailer, pretty people, but beyond that I'm not sure about the story.......
Vinnie's Photo
Vinnie B.
Posted 7 months ago
It was alright
Paul's Photo
Paul N.
Posted 7 months ago
nice shots, good trailer, but it doesn't seem that the film knows what it is about
Jeff's Photo
Jeff M.
Posted 7 months ago
Very slick trailer, interested to see if the film lives up to it!
Andrew's Photo
Andrew Q.
Posted 7 months ago
Gritty as hell. So nice to see the non-"City Of Glass" version of Vancouver starring as itself!
Elizabeth's Photo
Elizabeth S.
Posted 7 months ago
Interesting idea!
Vik's Photo
Vik M.
Posted 7 months ago
I like this one a lot
Zoopy's Photo
Zoopy Z.
Posted 7 months ago
Annoying music
Jonny's Photo
Jonny L.
Posted 7 months ago
This reminds me so much of the independent Australian movies I love so much! Great genre and deserving of the vote
Michael's Photo
Michael M.
Posted 7 months ago
I like the way you did this. You didn't say anything about the movie. The music pushed along. hopefully the acting is good, Can't tell from this.
Sue's Photo
Sue M.
Posted 7 months ago
Would like to meet the characters introduced in this trailer.
Catherine's Photo
Catherine M.
Posted 7 months ago
Oh, I would like to see this.
Sarah's Photo
Sarah B.
Posted 7 months ago
Some nice footage here and I can see a lot of possibilities here, but hard to get a flavour for the story without any dialogue included.
phil's Photo
phil d.
Posted 7 months ago
Liked the look and the music. Seems like it has the action and feel of a lone wolf action flick, so hoping the acting's up to it. Seems like it could be set in the 70s.
James's Photo
James O.
Posted 7 months ago
Jovanna's Photo
Jovanna B.
Posted 7 months ago
Can't wait to see this!
Jamie's Photo
Jamie T.
Posted 7 months ago
couldn't get a handle on what was going on... no dialogue, just action shots
Brenna's Photo
Brenna T.
Posted 7 months ago
really enjoed the trailer for this one
Deryck's Photo
Deryck D.
Posted 7 months ago
I thought this title alone is gangster I have been to BC and hastings street is the so bad it makes anything in GTA look like a walking the park.
Cameron's Photo
Cameron T.
Posted 7 months ago
thought the concept was cool but the story seemed off
Megan's Photo
Megan I.
Posted 7 months ago
John's Photo
John K.
Posted 7 months ago
Could be fun but didn't get a strong sense of the story
Bob's Photo
Bob C.
Posted 7 months ago
Whatsit about?
William's Photo
William R.
Posted 7 months ago
Those horses look like they ate their carrots for breakfast!
Krista's Photo
Krista R.
Posted 7 months ago
Looks great guys. Leaves me wanting more!
Will's Photo
Will B.
Posted 8 months ago
Alright, so its a crime drama/thriller but whats the story? I'm not saying it wouldn't work but watching multiple redundant shots of men fighting and sexy girls walking set to rock music, I'm curious as to why THIS would interest people more than the current flavour of the week starring Jason Statham...
Mateusz's Photo
Mateusz M.
Posted 8 months ago
not for me.
Tom's Photo
Tom J.
Posted 8 months ago
Unfortunately there's not much to go on from this trailer, but it looks like an amateur attempt at a run of the mill crime drama. There is also a vibrant, wonderful community in the DTES that is offensively disregarded by this film and is instead yet again portrayed as some "seedy" place. All the elements, such as guns, drugs, gambling, girls, violence, and even the poster, are little more than a GTA ripoff.
Chado's Photo
Chado M.
Posted 8 months ago
Only got up to 4 for the cinematography. I have no idea what this is about. Also - unless you're a world famous director/actor/whatever - nobody cares about so many credits in a trailer. Save it for the end, and instead fill your trailer with bits into the story you're trying to tell. The movie could be good - but I have no idea after watching this.
Tyler's Photo
Tyler S.
Posted 8 months ago
Looks Great! No idea what is about.
Kaleena's Photo
Kaleena K.
Posted 8 months ago
Well done boys. Love the homage to Kent's version.
Katie's Photo
Katie T.
Posted 8 months ago
Wish it had told more of a story - but it's a good trailer with loads of content, almost looks like you already shot the movie.
Filip's Photo
Filip S.
Posted 8 months ago
Clearly you know people who work in the industry, because visually its amazing.. but no Narrative? Come on!!!! (think Gob from arrested)
Jackson's Photo
Jackson Y.
Posted 8 months ago
Who wouldnt wanna see this.
Mike's Photo
Mike L.
Posted 8 months ago
is this a music video? did the guys lose at the track?
Ruby's Photo
Ruby D.
Posted 8 months ago
aesthetically good but unoriginal and cliched
Steve's Photo
Steve A.
Posted 8 months ago
To me movies are about the story. This project completely misses that mark.
Samantha's Photo
Samantha L.
Posted 8 months ago
Good trailer, but what's it about? Who are these people? Why should I care about them?
Emily's Photo
Emily R.
Posted 8 months ago
You guys are wicked, good job and good luck.
Arjun's Photo
Arjun M.
Posted 8 months ago
Lookin' great boys!
Rob's Photo
Rob N.
Posted 8 months ago
I typically enjoy movies that have trailers like this, but yours gives no story. Who are these people? What have they done, or are they doing? What are the relationships? This felt like an extended montage that would be a section of a trailer, not a stand alone piece.
Tawni's Photo
Tawni B.
Posted 8 months ago
Such a talented cast! The trailer had me on the edge of my seat and wanting more. Wonderful job!
Dan's Photo
Dan S.
Posted 8 months ago
Looks great. Awesome song. Wish there was some dialogue so we could find out if there was a story.
Scott's Photo
Scott A.
Posted 8 months ago
Fantastic work! Talented group of actors and crew. Professional and well

-Team "The Sect"
Max's Photo
Max M.
Posted 8 months ago
Very exciting and raw project about an underrepresented part of Vancouver seldom seen in movies. Can't wait!
Jim's Photo
Jim L.
Posted 8 months ago
If this is an amateur attempt (trailer made only for the contest) I'd say 8/10, if this is an actual movie (already fully shot/produced) I'd give it a 5.
Dw's Photo
Dw M.
Posted 8 months ago
i would've loved to have heard some dialogue... scenes look great but no wording... i can make it out, but still.....
tom's Photo
tom h.
Posted 8 months ago
Interesting trailer, some great shots, but I'd like to know a little more about the story.
Kirk's Photo
Kirk L.
Posted 8 months ago
Could be worth it. Looks intriguing
Alejandro's Photo
Alejandro C.
Posted 8 months ago

Really interesting.
Carl's Photo
Carl T.
Posted 8 months ago
Looks cool as hell!
Andrew's Photo
Andrew I.
Posted 8 months ago
I feel like a 5 is a harsh review, since this looks like a lot of effort has been put into it, however the trailer had me guessing the entire time, and without the synopsis, it confused me to the point of not even caring about what is happening/what is going to happen. Then again, it could be trying something out of the norm - but it just didn't do it for me either way. Nice work though guys
Negus's Photo
Negus S.
Posted 8 months ago
Feel this would be better as a TV show, just has that feel to it
Rachel's Photo
Rachel C.
Posted 8 months ago
Really well done trailer!! It peaked my interest, I want to see more!!
Jared's Photo
Jared S.
Posted 8 months ago
Great use of music with the trailer. Looks exciting
Jennifer's Photo
Jennifer R.
Posted 8 months ago
I would want to see this!
Andrew's Photo
Andrew D.
Posted 8 months ago
Looks great. Love to see this type of film being made in Vancouver and better yet Canada.
Kris's Photo
Kris J.
Posted 8 months ago
The trailer really had me hooked at the beginning. The use of music and visuals was great. Definitely created that gritty action/drama feel. However, it needed more dialogue.. I didn't get a good understanding of the plot line. Good luck guys!
Joseph's Photo
Joseph T.
Posted 8 months ago
Looking good boys!
Erica's Photo
Erica B.
Posted 8 months ago
Cant wait to watch the movie!!
Jane's Photo
Jane Z.
Posted 8 months ago
Great cast and powerful visuals.Very intriguing - I want to see more!
Nathan's Photo
Nathan Z.
Posted 8 months ago
Sounds like it has merit. Go for it!
Jade's Photo
Jade t.
Posted 8 months ago
Visually looks great, like a real movie trailer but I don't know whats happening without reading the overview.. looking forward to finding out more
Jamie's Photo
Jamie M.
Posted 8 months ago
Great cinematography but this trailer doesn't hint towards a plot? Would have benefitted from some lines to invest you in the characters.
Arron's Photo
Arron K.
Posted 8 months ago
Quentin Tarantino meets Nicolas Winding Refn meets William Fredkin in the style of Film Noir I'd love to see!
Jordan's Photo
Jordan L.
Posted 8 months ago
After watching the trailer then reading the synopsis I was left with what I did not even know he was in jail! What I thought was he is a pretty boy womanizer with a gambling addiction in horse races and now has to pay up and is in trouble. Sorry this needs work or a new trailer.
Dan's Photo
Dan S.
Posted 8 months ago
A lot of looking, running, looking around some more, walking, fighting, zero character development, and that's about it. For a music video this would be great. Good camera work, good audio. I'm struggling to find any further interest in this in this submission.
Daniel's Photo
Daniel H.
Posted 8 months ago
What do we need?
Fighting...and more fighting, hot girl aaaannndd horse track, more fighting and hot girl...GUN PLAY! and more horse track and fighting and gun play and hot girl...mmmhhhh more hot girl and some more horse track and screw it more GUN PLAAAAYYYY!!!!!
What about story or actual dialogue?
Rose's Photo
Rose L.
Posted 8 months ago
Your trailer is great. Very well-directed. You guys should be proud and I love the poster art you created for your project.

From my team (Long Distance) to yours, we sincerely wish you guys the best of luck.
Derick's Photo
Derick M.
Posted 8 months ago
Some really nice visuals. However, on this site your meant to be selling a concept not a finished film. So we need more. As is state many times in the comments.
Jason's Photo
Jason L.
Posted 8 months ago
Great poster.
Jacquie's Photo
Jacquie G.
Posted 8 months ago
beautiful film, way to represent Vancouver and Vancouver filmmakers !
Justyne's Photo
Justyne R.
Posted 8 months ago
Very cool, good luck to you guys!
Katrina's Photo
Katrina F.
Posted 8 months ago
Mr's Photo
Mr E.
Posted 8 months ago
Looks like a great show! I can't wait to see it! The brunette looks amazing!!! Hard crush!
Jeremy's Photo
Jeremy B.
Posted 8 months ago
I'll give you bonus points for the quality of that punch at 0:33. Would've been nice to hear some dialogue so I could figure out what's going on though. The synopsis doesn't even help that much either.
Patricia's Photo
Patricia S.
Posted 8 months ago
Peter's Photo
Peter M.
Posted 8 months ago
A Canadian remake of a Canadian movie? I can't wait!
Angela's Photo
Angela C.
Posted 8 months ago
Sorry, didn't catch my interest. Seems like a TV project based on the trailer...
Michael's Photo
Michael W.
Posted 8 months ago
Pretty good production quality but a little raw and confusing for now.
Kevin's Photo
Kevin P.
Posted 8 months ago
This music video makes very little sense
Anthony's Photo
Anthony V.
Posted 8 months ago
Great looking, but told me nothing about the actual movie, except that the main character throws a lot of punches. Add in more of what the movie's about and this could've been a winner.
Sean's Photo
Sean B.
Posted 8 months ago
No talking? Would not watch.
Sara's Photo
Sara S.
Posted 8 months ago
looks good, sounds good. but I know nothing about the story.
Kirsty's Photo
Kirsty R.
Posted 8 months ago
This looks so great! Good job guys!
Jonathan's Photo
Jonathan M.
Posted 8 months ago
Epic on all accounts! I look forward to seeing this project develop!
Jenny's Photo
Jenny P.
Posted 8 months ago
Looks amazing!
Dave's Photo
Dave C.
Posted 8 months ago
Really well done. Looking forward to seeing what else these guys do!
Steve's Photo
Steve M.
Posted 8 months ago
This is going to be amazing!
Stefanie's Photo
Stefanie S.
Posted 8 months ago
bad ass. very intrigued
Kaitlyn's Photo
Kaitlyn M.
Posted 8 months ago
Wow! Lots of professional looking footage, and great visuals. I wish I could have gotten more of the story from the trailer - I really wasn't able to pick out much besides the general feeling of the movie.
Kelly's Photo
Kelly G.
Posted 8 months ago
While it was exciting and well-shot/cast (I think, there was no dialogue), I wouldn't have had a clue what the story was without a written synopsis--which defeats the purpose of a trailer.
Jereme's Photo
Jereme W.
Posted 8 months ago
Shane Twerdum and Andrew Moxham are making this look great! Nice one Hastings Street!

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